Whether you are baking granny’s apple pie or traditional pastry, apple wedges are the ultimate filling, topping or decoration. Also in the dairy industry, the apple wedges of VS Apple industries taste like more!

Specifications apple wedges

Usually, the whole apple is peeled and cut into 16 pieces. However, VS Apple Industries can also supply apples in 8 or 12 pieces. Apple wedges can be made from every size of apple, but normally we use 70/80 mm apples.


Halved apple wedges

As a variation to the whole apple wedges, it is also possible to have your apple wedges halved. In the production process, the wedges are cut again, resulting in 16, 24 or 32 pieces. For halved apple wedges we also normally use 70/80 mm apples, but if required other sizes are negotiable.

Fruit salads

Not only are halved apple wedges a perfect use for apple pies, they are also a tasty addition to fruit salads. An example of an apple fit for salads is the Granny Smith, with its crisp structure and fresh flavor.

Anti-browning treatment

If wanted, our whole and halved apple wedges can get a special anti-browning treatment. Before the cutting process, the apples are immersed in a food friendly bath. Because of this treatment, our apple products keep their bite and color and oxidation is prevented. Especially when the apple wedges will be used in salads this is an interesting treatment.

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