Guaranteed food safety


VS Apple Industries B.V. aims for a consistent level of the highest quality of its products. Thereby, food safety is an unquestioned precondition. In order to guarantee high quality, freshness and food safety VS Apple Industries B.V. achieved different kinds of quality certificates: 

Ongoing process control 

VS Apple lndustries B.V. assesses and monitors its products continuously. Our process of production is designed for constant improvement. There are countless quality audits from one door to another. Our product engineers at our laboratory focus, in addition to testing, fully on optimization of the high-quality products. 

Entrance control and supplier selection 

In order to guarantee the quality of its fruit processing, VS Apple Industries B.V. requires suppliers to be Global G.A.P.-certificied and to demonstrate their residue analysis. Moreover, suppliers are also visited for an on-site evaluation.

Transparency and traceability 

The production of our products is completely transparent. Our packages, raw materials and optional auxiliary substances are easy to trace.