About us

Your partner in fruit processing

VS Apple Industries BV

For over twenty-five years, VS Apple Industries BV has been striving for the highest quality in the field of fruit processing. When in 1990 the company was founded, we mainly processed apples for the industrial and traditional bakery, but since then the company has grown and now we have a wide range of products including plain apple products, fresh sauces and traditional fruit fillings. This is why we are one of Europe’s leading fruit processors.

Quality and freshness

We mainly produce our products for the traditional and industrial bakeries and the dairy industry. To safeguard the freshness of our products, we exclusively supply to orders. This procedure demands a great amount of flexibility from our company, but also guarantees high and consistent quality.

Exclusive recipe formulation

VS Apple Industries BV has a modern production environment with fully automated production process. In our focus on high quality we continually invest in innovation, which enables us to supply exclusive recipe formulations in nearly every quantity. Our own conditioned transport delivers your order at the right place.