The deep red, purple color of the cherry filling is a beautiful decoration of your white dairy products and a perfect complement to your baking products. The strict screening of the ingredients is what makes VS Apple Industries’ cherry filling so tasty and delicious. Additional aroma just isn’t necessary! The cherry filling is available in several variations. Whether you like extra concentrated filling or pieces of cherry in the filling: it’s up to you!


Cherry filling: specifications

  • The cherry filling is available both hot and cold;
  • The cherry filling is freeze/thaw and bake stable, so the texture of the filling won’t change during the preparations of your end product;
  • No added flavouring to the cherry fillings;
  • The cherry filling is available in extra concentrated condition;
  • The cherry filling can be made with whole cherries or 10 mm cherry pieces;
  • To be applied in dairy products, the cherry filling can be produced ‘Clean Label’


The cherry filling can be delivered in several packages:

  • Food Grade buckets of 1,5 kg and 15 kg; 
  • Stainless steel containers of 600 kg up to 1000 kg.

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