Fruit fillings

High-quality fresh fruit is the basis of success of your dairy, pastry or traditional delicacy. VS Apple Industries processes pure sorted fruit and fresh processed apple products directly into fillings, which result in an extremely fresh fruit filling. Our fruit fillings have an excellent bake-stability and freeze/thaw-stability, whereby the structure of the fruit in the filling is maintained in the preparation process of your final product. We can process our fruit filling both hot and cold. 

Our range of fruit fillings is distinguished by the high quality, freshness and unique taste. VS Apple Industries prepares and delivers:

Apple fillings:

Various fruit fillings:

Seasonal recipes:

Exclusive formulas

Are you looking for a filling with a different kind of fruit or a specific method of preparation? Custom formulation is also a part of our everyday production. In association with our product developer, VS Apple Industries develops and produces exclusive formulas tailored to the needs of our customer. Please contact us for more information.