The highest quality for the best price. VS Apple Industries’ apple products are made of 100% fresh fruit. Our applesauce, apple puree, and apple compote are at its most natural. That is what makes it taste so special! Undoubtedly the best flavouring for bakery and dairy products.

Apple sauce, apple puree and apple compote

The preparation of our apple products takes place in a brand new production facility equipped with a special processing line for sauces, compotes and fillings. The apple sauce, puree and compote are aseptically packed. Because we produce our puree ourselves and process the apples directly, most of the ingredients are in-house. That is how the fast delivery and maximum freshness can be guaranteed.

Specifications apple sauce, apple puree and compote

  • Apple sauce (12 brix, 17 brix and 20 brix);
  • Apple puree (12 brix, 17 brix), unsweetened;
  • Apple compote (apple sauce with diced apple)
  • Apple puree, thickened into 30 to 40 brix.

Exclusive formulas

Would you like to have a custom formulation prepared? Our advanced machinery has many possibilities, which enables us to deviate from the existent formula and operate on your specific needs. Moreover, VS Apple Industries is Skal-certified. If required, we can supply fully organic products. Contact us to hear more about the possibilities.

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