Start of construction

Geschreven door op 30 juli 2020

One year later:

It's a year ago that a devastating fire burned down our factory in Marknesse. At first we'd like to thank our customers and suppliers for their patience and commitment. We'd like to take a look back, but furthermore take a look forward with you.

What happened the last year?

Within 3 days VS Apple staff were in Poland to ensure continuity for you from there. At the same time, in the background, the plans for the new building were conceived and concretised. It was only in the end of May, that the insurance company gave us approval to start building. Because we were in the middle of Corona time at that time, and therefore it was not allowed for the staff of VS Apple to travel to Poland, we took care of the preparatory work ourselves. A production employee became a shovel-engineer and the process operator became a crane operator.

After the preparatory work was done, the men from our contractor company, Bosma, started their activities. The dock shelters were poured, levelled, underfloor heating was installed for the offices, and at the time of writing they are putting the finishing touches to the foundations before they’re going to enjoy their deserved holiday. After the construction, we will start with the steel construction. From that moment on it goes fast, several companies with each their own specialism will work simultaneously at the site.The insulation panels will be installed, the laying of high quality hygienic floors, you name it. 


From mid-November we’ll begin to install the production lines. In the past year we have of course focused on what could be done better, how to do it faster, and moreover, how to set even higher standards for ourselves in terms of quality. This has resulted in the purchase of various high-quality machines, both for the peeling line and for the processing line. The entire factory is being built with an eye to the future, so we have room for 16 (!) peeling machines and the processing space for the purees and fillings will be 2.5 times larger.

The planning is that in the first weeks of 2021 we will be fully operational again from Marknesse. We hope to be able to supply you with the most delicious products from our brand new and modern factory in Marknesse.

You can take a look at the first footage of the construction in the video below!