With over twenty-five years of experience in the field of apple processing, VS Apple Industries guarantees the highest quality of apple products. Our advanced production lines and our own conditioned transport provide your traditional pastries, dairy or salads with just that extra bite, and we deliver our products mostly within twenty-four hours. We supply our whole apples peeled and unpeeled.


Whole apples: peeled and unpeeled

In the production of the whole apple, only the core will be removed, and if required, the apple can be peeled. The apple is not further sliced. Whole apples are normally made from apples of 70-80 mm., but whole apples with other sizes are also possible.

Anti-browning treatment

To prevent our apple products from browning, our whole apples receive a special treatment. Immediately when peeled, the apples are immersed in a food friendly bath. Because of this treatment, our fresh produce keeps their bite longer and oxidation is prevented.

Whole apples specification

Both the anti-browning treatment and the processing of apples for deviant sizes can be arranged if required. Interested in hearing more about the possibilities with our peeled and unpeeled whole apples? Contact us to discuss your needs.

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